Scout Education, עץ חיים — a Tree of Life

"A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room." (Baden-Powell)

Mouvement Scout de Suisse (PDF Document)

The Tsofim Yehudim programme follows éléments of the pedagogical framework of the Swiss Scout Movement (MSdS) and Scouts Australia.

Scout Education is a Tree of Life – עץ חיים, Ets ‘Hayim – with:

The Roots — Global Developement
Five relations form the Roots of the Tree of Life:

  • TY_tree_of_life_2my relationship with myself
  • my relationship with my body
  • my relationship with the others
  • my relationship with my environment
  • my relationship to spirituality


The Trunk — Scout Method
Eight elements form the Trunk of the Tree of Life:


The Branches — Activities per age range
The roots give the tree stability and nourishment. They are the solid support on which the trunk can grow. It brings nutriments from the roots to the leaves and maintains the treetop. The branches and leaves can grow and flourish in all directions.



Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation