Wood Badge Training

“Train the wise and they will become wiser, teach the righteous and they will continue to learn.” (Proverbs 9:0)
“The Wood Badge will make quite certain that when I am gone, the future leaders of Scouting will really understand what it is all about and what my intentions have been.” (Baden-Powell) 
“A boy is not a sitting-down animal.” (Baden-Powell)
“When you want a thing done, ‘Don’t do it yourself’ is a good motto for Scoutmasters.” (Baden-Powell)


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Baden-Powell took the first steps in training Scouting’s adult leaders. The first Wood Badge training was held in 1919 at Gilwell Park, near London.

Since then, Wood Badge has continued to evolve to meet Scouting’s needs. Wood Badge focuses on preparing adults to deliver the mission of Scouting. As a result of attending Wood Badge training you will:

  • Learn contemporary leadership concepts and discover how these apply to our value-based programme.
  • Understand Scouting as a family of interrelated, values-based programmes providing age appropriate activities for youth.
  • Revitalize your commitment to Scouting, sharing in a mountaintop experience.

WOSM’s Wood Badge framework contributes to offer “Better Scouting” and “More Scouting” through the permanent improvement of quality training for adults involved in the Movement, and by strengthening their sense of unity.

The Wood Badge is the sign of recognition granted to all Adults in Scouting who satisfied the training criteria required on the Wood Badge training. This means that this training is not only reserved for leaders in charge of youth, but that any adult in Scouting (with uniform) may apply for such training.

The course content and leadership principles introduced apply to Scouters in all leadership positions. These skills provide common a leadership foundation that is beneficial for all programme areas.


Wood Badge Training Programme
Wood Badge training programme should cover at least the four following areas:

  • Fundamental Scouting, which covers the Aim, Principles and Scout Method, the adaptation of the Method according to sections, organization and structures, etc.
  • Leadership, which involves the knowledge and capabilities to assume responsibilities within the Movement.
  • Management, which means the knowledge and expertise in managing units, groups or larger structures.
  • Communication, understood in its broadest sense: way to get in touch with the others and to maintain an efficient relationship.


How is Wood Badge Presented?
Wood Badge is presented in two phases.
The first part of the programme is the practical phase. This consists of a week or six days over two full weekends (all day Friday, Shabbat and Sunday) at camp.
The second part of the programme, the application phase, occurs after the weekends and consists of applying the skills you learn at Wood Badge to your position in Scouting. This phase is also referred to as “working your Ticket.” 



What is a Wood Badge Ticket?
During the course, the Wood Badge Staff will help you set some personal goals related to the four areas of the Wood Badge Training Programme (Fundamental Scouting, Leadership, Management and Communication), things you would like to accomplish in your tribe or group. These goals are referred to as the Wood Badge “Ticket”.
The ticket represents your commitment to complete personal goals, which you establish, related to your Scouting position. These goals should be designed to significantly strengthen the Scouting programme in which you are involved. In addition, the ticket gives you an opportunity to practice and demonstrate the leadership skills presented during the Wood Badge course.
Some participants complete their tickets in 6 to 12 months, but you must complete your Wood Badge Ticket no later than 18 months after the course ends. 



You want me to volunteer for more work?
No!  The great thing about your Wood Badge Ticket is that it centers around the Scouting job you’re already doing!  So you’re not committing to doing another job. . . just learning to do your job better!



How are Scouters Recognized?

Upon completion of your Wood Badge Ticket (your personal goals), as certified by your assigned Ticket Counselor, you will be presented with the Wood Badge Training Award: neckerchief, woggle, beads, and Wood Badge certificate at an appropriate ceremony of your choosing.


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Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation