Scout Uniform

“I don’t care a fig whether a Scout wears the uniform or not so long as his heart is in his work and he carries out the Scout Law. But the fact is that there is hardly a Scout who does not wear the uniform if he can afford to buy it. The spirit prompts him to it.” (Baden-Powell)

One of the biggest reasons the Scout uniform has been very important in the Scout movement is the reputation it carries. Consider what Baden-Powell said in « Aids to Scoutmastership »:

Smartness in uniform and correctness in detail may seem a small matter, but has, its value in the development of self-respect, and means an immense deal to the reputation of the Movement among outsiders who judge by what they see.

William Hillcourt, a great American Scouter, said this about the Scout Uniform:

Your Boy Scout uniform is part of the thrill of being a Scout. Put on your uniform, and immediately you feel ready for a hike or camp or other vigorous Scouting activity.

It is not absolutely necessary to wear a uniform to prove yourself a Scout. The important thing is – of course – that you live Scouting in your daily life. And yet, the uniform helps you to be a better Scout. Dressed as a Scout you want to act like one. Besides, a uniform makes Scouting easier for you because it is comfortable and can stand all kinds of hard use.


In all countries, Tsofim Yehudim have an identical uniform consisting of:

  • a navy blue jumper (chultsa in Hebrew), tracksuit to be worn in all travel, ceremonies and urban activities
  • a T-shirt in the summer and a hoodie in the winter to wear during « dirty » activities in the wilderness.
  • a white polo shirt for Shabbat
  • the national Jewish scout scarf

Jewish Scout Jumper


The scout jumper is a tracksuit, supporting the visualizations of the scouting game.

In France, the EEIFs chose a uniform « tracksuit » in the 1970s so that they could put a hoodie underneath in winter and a T-shirt in summer, and no longer have open shirts, with torn buttons… or being invisible in winter under a sweater!

Wearing this jumper is a sign that you belong to the Tsofim Yehudim community, just as a footballer wears a jersey in the colours of his club.

By the way, have you ever seen a footballer « customize » his jersey? It’s the same with Tsofim Yehudim…

Activity T-shirt

It is an activity T-shirt in the colours of the Scouts (Light Green), Rovers (Red), and responsibilities (Dark Green for Clan Leaders and Marine Blue for Madrichim). The great advantage of the coloured activity and camp T-shirts is that you can easily and quickly distinguish who is who.


« Nature abhors emptiness », so if there are no Tribe T-shirts, they will be replaced by T-shirts with commercial logos turning the scout group into a disparate set of walking billboards.

Activity Hoodie

In winter or in the evening at the camp, a navy blue hoodie decorated with the Tsofim Yehudim emblem will be worn under the jumper.


Shabbat Polo Shirt

TY_polo_chabbatThe Scout uniform was created so that the wealth of the parents is not distinguished by the children’s attire; this is valid during the week and even more so on Shabbat.

A single outfit makes it possible to avoid certain « fashion shows » during the summer camps, in accordance with the concept of Tsniout (modesty, discretion). In the middle of nature, you don’t dress as if you were going to the synagogue…


The Tsofim Yehudim are faithful to the tradition of the early kibboutzniks – both boys and girls – of dressing in white to welcome Shabbat and holidays (especially the Shavuot festival).

Since the Talit is the « uniform » of the Tefila (we are all the same, all equal before our Creator), a simple white polo shirt with the insignia of the Tsofim Yehudim embroidered on it is the outfit to welcome Shabbat.

Each Shevet will decide which polo shirt or white Shabbat shirt to wear during the year and at the summer camp. This outfit will be funded from the summer camp budget.

Position of Badges on Uniform

The jumper supports the visualizations of the scouting game: your clan and your tribe, promise, progression, specializations, responsibilities, etc.


Three insignia are originally sewn on the scout jumper given to newcomers to the Tribe:

  • WOSM badge
  • Tsofim Yehudim badge
  • IFJS badge

National Jewish Scout Neckerchief

Tsofim Yehudim are wearing a navy blue national neckerchief with a border made with a sew-on ribbon in national colors.


You must wear a clean, well rolled scarf. But do you know how to roll your Scout scarf?

Scouts will make their own scarf ring with a single-sided patent leather lace (three-stranded Turkish head knot).


Group Shoulder Badge

Group Shoulder Badges (sewn at the top of the right sleeve) will identify each tribes in a same country.


Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation