Senior Scout Advancement Programme

“We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.” (Baden-Powell)

1st Year — Blue Shoulder Knot (15-16 year old)
The Blue Shoulder Knot symbolizes the commitment made in the first year by Senior Scouts to develop personal or team projects, to learn more about Jewish identity, Jewish communities and Israel.


12cm length 

Avraham Infeld’s « Five-legged Table » and Rabbi Jonathan Saks’ « Ten Paths to God » will serve as a reference to help you better understand the basis of Jewish identity.

The El Hama’ayan Award proposes to discover the Jewish communities of Europe, their history and their challenging actuality. This programme is shared with the Rovers, which allows to engage solidarity projects over several years.

Jewish Heritage Europe



In partnership with the Tsofim (Israeli Scouts), discovery trips from Israel will be organized every year for Senior Scouts from all over Europe so that they can discover the challenging realities of this country and participate locally in solidarity projects.


2nd Year — Brown Shoulder Knot (16-17 year old)
In the second year at Senior Scouts, a brown ribbon will be added to the blue ribbon symbolizing the commitment to develop during this year personal or team projects to better know the issues of the world in which we live.


Five Senior Scout Badges


The Senior Scout Badges are programmes of activities allowing Senior Scouts to go further in their discoveries and their learning in five areas of excellence, with the help of adults who will share with them their passion, know how and expertise in one of these domains.

“I have noticed that so called great men are really boys at heart, that is, they are boys in the eagerness of their enjoyment of their task. They work because they like to work, and thus their work is really play to them. The boy is not only father to the man, but he is the man and does not disappear at all.” (H. G. Wells)
  • Coureur des Bois – Scout Trapper
  • LeDor VaDor
  • Master Chef
  • Bezalel
  • Klezmer Shirim Rikudim


1. Senior Badge « Coureur des Bois – Scout Trapper »
This badge is sewn on the right sleeve, under the Shevet badge.


It is a « Senior Badge » that addresses the Senior Scouts who have the Pilot level. To obtain it, you must have participated in a “Coureur des Bois competition“ or be at the same level in Scouting techniques.

The Madrichim and Rovers who wear this badge are trainers in Scouting techniques.

This badge « Coureur des Bois – Scout Trapper » is the external sign that others can count on you because you have shown your ability to get by, to live a few days in harsh weather conditions while knowing how to orient, cook, sleep, meditate, all with the good humor that characterize Tsofim Yehudim!



2. Senior Badge  « LeDor VaDor »
This badge is sewn on the right sleeve, under the Shevet badge. On the badge is written in Hebrew: לדור ודור LeDor VaDor, from generation to generation.


It is a « Senior Badge » that addresses the Senior Scouts who have the Pilot level. To obtain it, one must regularly participate in a Jewish study circle organized by your Shevet or the community.

It’s a commitment:

  • To study and discover the wealth of the Jewish tradition, to persevere in the practice of Hebrew.
  • To organize projects to better understand the realities of today’s Jewish world in the Diaspora and Israel.
  • To be one guardian of the memory of the Jews of your country, before and after the Shoah.

The Shabbat Project

« Je demande des gars […] à l’esprit et à l’horizon large, qui veulent étudier sans se noyer dans leurs recherches, des gens justes et méthodiques qui veulent progresser et mesurer le progrès réalisé, qui acceptent du Judaïsme l’enseignement de nos Prophètes et de nos Docteurs des directives pour la vie, des gens pas seulement persuadés que le Judaïsme propose une vie harmonieuse, mais décidés à réaliser cette harmonie de demain.
Les néo-’hassidim ne seront sévères que pour eux-mêmes et ne s’imposeront pas comme gendarmes du Judaïsme chez les autres.» (Léo Cohn)


3. Senior Badge « Master Chef »
This badge is sewn on the right sleeve, under the Shevet badge.On the badge is written in Hebrew : Kosher.


It is a « Senior Badge » that is addressed to Senior Scouts who have the Pilot level, and have been Clan Grubmaster.

The rules of Kashrut have no secrets for you.

The Madrichim and Rovers who wear this badge together meet the challenge of making the summer camp a high place of learning of Jewish gastronomy (here for beginners).

To obtain it, one must know and know how to prepare the main traditional dishes of Jewish cooking, both those of Achkenazi and Sephardic origin, especially those of Shabbat and festivals.

The peculiarity of this badge is to prepare with the parents of your Shevet who like to cook. They will teach you the secrets of their family recipes, an inheritance and a taste memory to be mastered to transmit them to the younger generations. It is these parents who validate this badge that could also be called “Krupnik & Dafina“.

“[…] Mais, quand d'un passé ancien rien ne subsiste, après la mort des êtres, après la destruction des choses, seules, plus frêles mais plus vivaces, plus immatérielles, plus persistantes, plus fidèles, l'odeur et la saveur restent encore longtemps, comme des âmes, à se rappeler, à attendre, à espérer, sur la ruine de tout le reste, à porter sans fléchir, sur leur gouttelette presque impalpable, l'édifice immense du souvenir.” (Marcel Proust, À la recherche du temps perdu. Du côté de chez Swann, 1913)

New Scout cuisine without damaging the ground.

4. Senior Badge « Bezalel »
This badge is sewn on the right sleeve, under the Shevet badge. On the insignia is written in Hebrew: Betsalel. The design of the badge incorporates the logo of the BETSALEL School of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Pour chaque siècle, il est quelques moments privilégiés qui résolvent les questions et déterminent l'avenir : tel apparaît le Bauhaus [...] Sur le plan international, le Bauhaus a fait prendre conscience des problèmes posés à l'art de notre époque et établi quelques-unes des réponses les plus fécondes. En ce sens, on peut même voir dans son action l'affirmation d'une morale. Souhaitant rapprocher théorie et pratique, et retrouver une unité entre l'art et les diverses activités humaines, le Bauhaus rejoignait l'ambition de tous les grands mouvements de pensée novateurs de l'Histoire. A ce titre, il se présente bien comme le Grand Atelier du 20e siècle.

bezalelIt is a « Senior Badge » which is addressed to Senior Scouts who have the Pilot level, the PICASSO proficiency badge and who are interested in graphic and artistic creation in all its forms.

From hand-drawn drawing to the mastery of Illustrator and WordPress, from Latin and Hebrew calligraphy to the création and production of illustrations, posters and kakemonos, papercutting to 3D scale models, you will be able to express your ideas in images (graphics) or products (design) useful for your activities or your camp … or for your own pleasure!

« La couleur est la touche, l’œil, le marteau, l’âme, le piano, : l’artiste est la main qui par le bon choix des touches met l’âme du spectateur en vibration (Vassily Kandinsky)
« Je voudrai peindre comme l'oiseau chante.» (Claude Monet)

A key word to obtain this badge: to be curious. And that can be learned. Creative Workshops will be soon organized to develop the artistic theme within Tsofim Yehudim.


5. Senior Badge « Klezmer, Shirim, Rikudim« 


This badge is sewn on the right sleeve, under the Shevet badge. On the badge insignia is written in Hebrew (from top to bottom): Shirim (songs) – Rikudim (dances) – Klezmer.

« Regarde du sommet de l’Amana » (Chir haChirim, Cantiques des Cantiques 4:8). Le mot regarde en hébreu « chouri » a la même origine que le mot chir « chant ». Et le mot Amana est de la même famille qu’Émouna « la foi ». C’est pourquoi le Beit Aharon comprend ainsi cette phrase : « le chant est le sommet de la foi.»

Experiencing the Divine: A Practical Jewish Guide
Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira (the Piaseszner Rebbe)

It is a « Senior Badge » for Senior Scouts who have the Pilote level, the ZIK’DANCE proficiency badge, those who like to sing, dance, play an instrument, and who wish to go further in body expression. and musical, theater and improvisation.

A key word to obtain this badge: to be curious. And that can be learned. Creative Workshops will be soon organized to develop the artistic theme within Tsofim Yehudim.

• Klezmer music (a must!)

• Song and Danse for Rosh haShana

• Tzena, Tzena, Tzena – The Weavers (1951) | Tablet magazine

• Cups (D’ror Yikra) for Shabbat 



Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation