Being an Inspiring Parent… and Madrich!

“In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed.” (Baden-Powell)

“Being an Inspiring Parent“ by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

  • Principle 1: Give children the space to inspire us, and they will

  • Principle 2: Serve God in joy if you want your children to love Judaism
  • Principle 3: Lead the way, with high ethical standards
  • Principle 4: No need for high walls
  • Principle 5: Make your Judaism sing
  • Principle 7: Be in but not of the world

  • Principle 8: Think long

  • Principle 9: Give your kids the key to stability in a world of change

  • Principle 10: Don’t expect your children to be clones of you

  • Principle 11: Have faith in your children and you will give them faith in themselves

  • Principle 12: Be thankful for your children

  • Principle 13: Give your children the space to give to you



Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation

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