Adults in Scouting

“Can we not interpret our adult wisdom into the language of boyhood?” (Baden-Powell)

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“Sowers of the Future”


Adults in Scouting: is a systematic programme of adult resources management, to improve the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of the leadership in order to produce better programmes for young people and a more effective and efficient organization.

Adults, Leaders of Adults, Leaders: mainly volunteers (only in a few cases professional leaders) responsible for Youth Programme development or delivery; or responsible to support others adults; or responsible for supporting organization structures.

Youth leaders: youth members delivering Youth Programme to younger age-sections, or involved in supporting other adults or organizational structures. In this case “Leader” is related to the role they are playing on behalf of the organization. The crew leaders, e.g. in the Rover Scout Section, are not under this definition. However if they have another position as mentioned above they could be called youth leaders.

Volunteers: are people involved in different activities for no monetary remuneration (although reimbursement of expenses may be allowed). This involvement is undertaken entirely at the individual’s own free will. The benefit of this involvement is directed at people other than the volunteer (although it is obvious that the volunteer also gains and learns a lot from their volunteering commitment).

Professionals: are people recruited for a specific task to serve Scouting. They may or may not be Scout leaders (committed as a “Scout”, having taken the Scout Promise). Professionals in either category will be working for a Scout Organization in a professional capacity.


Tsofim Yehudim, LeDor VaDor
Jewish Scouts, from generation to generation